The Strategic View of Industrial Engineering and Its working

The Strategic View of Industrial Engineering and Its working

The Strategic View of Industrial Engineering and Its working

In this article , garment merchandising will discuss the Strategic View of Industrial Engineering and Its working Industrial engineering (IE) is about choices. Other engineering disciplines apply skills to very particular areas. IE gives you the chance to figure during a kind of businesses. The foremost distinguishing aspect of industrial engineering is that the suppleness that it offers. Whether it’s shortening a roller coaster line, rationalization a surgery, issuing products worldwide, or manufacturing superior automobiles, all share the common goal of saving money and increasing efficiencies.

The most distinctive aspect of the Strategic View of Industrial Engineering and Its working is that the suppleness it offers. Whether it’s shortening a roller coaster line, streamlining an surgery, distributing products worldwide, or manufacturing superior automobiles, these challenges share the common goal of saving company’s money and increasing efficiencies.

As corporations adopt management philosophies of continuous productivity and quality improvement to survive within the progressively competitive world market, the requirement for industrial engineers is growing. Why? Industrial engineers are the sole engineering professionals trained precisely to be productivity and quality improvement authorities.

The Strategic View of Industrial Engineering and Its working determine a way to do things better. They engineer processes and systems that improve quality and productivity. They work to remove waste of your time, money, materials, energy and other commodities. This can be why many industrial engineers find you being promoted into management positions.

Many people are misled by the term industrial engineer. It’s not nearly manufacturing. It also includes service industries, with many IEs employed in entertainment industries, shipping and logistics businesses, and healthcare organizations.

Many people are misled by the term “industrial engineer.” The “industrial” doesn’t mean just manufacturing. It includes service industries additionally. It’s long been known that industrial engineers have the technical training to create developments during a manufacturing setting. Now it’s becoming progressively recognized that these same techniques will be accustomed assess and improve productivity and quality in commission industries.



The Strategic View of Industrial Engineering and Its working
The Strategic View of Industrial Engineering and Its working

What is the work of Industrial Engineer?


Industrial engineers determine ways to try and do things improved. They engineer procedures and systems that enhance quality and productivity. IE’s make momentous contributions to their employers by saving money while making the factory better for fellow workers. Additionally to manufacturing, industrial engineers apply their skills during a kind of settings.

Let us look at  some examples:

1) As a management engineer during a hospital, an IE may help doctors and nurses make the simplest use of their time in treating patients.
2) As an ergonomist during a television works, an IE may change the tools labors use to assemble televisions to cut back the chance of repetitive stress damages.
3) As an operations analyst for an airline, an IE may design a bar writing for classifying and transporting passengers luggage to make sure that it doesn’t wander away.
4) As a high quality engineer for a public gas and power company, an IE may improve customer satisfaction by designing a process to timetable service calls round the availability of the customer.

Manufacturing firms and repair industries hire a big number of IE’s. Today, more and more businesses hire IE’s in areas like sales and marketing, finance, information systems, and personnel. Other industries employing IE’s are hospitals, airlines, banks, railroads, and social services.

Industrial engineering has provided a scientific approach to simplify and enhance productivity and efficiency within the business world.

1. IE’s provide leaner, more efficient, and more profitable business practices while increasing customer service and quality.
2. IE’s make the work environment safer, faster, easier, and more rewarding.
3. They supply a way by which businesses can analyze their processes and check out to create improvements to them. Staying focused on optimization ‐ doing more with less ‐ which helps to cut back waste in society.
4. IE’s help reduce costs related to new technologies, thus allowing more of the population to raised their lives by having the ability to afford these advances.

Working of industrial Engineers?


1. Project Management
2. Project Scheduling
3. Risk Management



  1. Lean manufacturing
    2. Engineering Economic Analysis
    3. Process Modelling
    4. Root Cause Analysis
    5. Statistical Methods
    6. Six Sigma
    7. Time Studies
    8. Work Sampling



1. Supply Chain Alignment
2. Material Logistic
3. Inventory control
4. Supplier Support
5. Make/Buy Mfg Process



1.  Ergonomics & Human Factors

2.  Operating Plans
3.  Recovery Planning
4.  Capacity Planning



1. Value Stream Analysis
2. Facilities Layout
3. Production System Design
4.  Manufacturing process Design
5. Systems Thinking


1)  Production Scheduling

2) Theory of Constraints
3) Budgets & Forecasts
4) Crew Empowerment
5) Defect Analysis
5)  Bench marking Analysis

Why to Select Industrial Engineering?

Industrial engineering could be a multipurpose and diverse discipline concerned with the look, analysis, and optimization of systems at both the method and innovativeness level. But even that broad‐based statement doesn’t do justice to the range of problem‐solving skills that an engineering science education will offer. Its how to think, examining, and analyzing. Its how of finding the simplest solution to a situation.

Industrial engineers can go anywhere. Be anything. The probabilities are boundless.

Other criteria or site of IE’s


  1. Industrial Engineer’s Job Description

It was just a pair of years back that demand of an industrial engineer has increased over and over. Reason, an Industrial engineer can do plenty to boost performance of the corporate

2. A way to Calculate SAM of a Garment?

SAM or standard allowed minutes is employed to live task or work content of a garment. This term is widely employed by industrial engineers and production people within the garment manufacturing industry. For the estimation of cost of creating a garment SAM value plays a really important role

3. Comparison between Progressive bundle system and UPS system


In the industrial sewing plants various sorts of sewing systems are installed. A plant owner chooses these systems reckoning on the assembly volume, product categories and price effectiveness of high tech machineries. Among those “Progressive Bundle System” (PBS) is generally installed sewing system till date.

4. A way to calculate operator efficiency at work?

In clothing manufacturing, skills and expertise of a stitching operator is being presented in “Efficiency” term. An operator with higher efficiency produces more garments than an operator with lower efficiency within the same time-frame. When operators work with higher efficiency, manufacturing cost of the factory goes down.


  1. Can anybody hit 100% Efficiency of GSD (General sewing data ) SAM?

I have deliberately referred ‘GSD SAM’ because most of garment engineers, industry experts and business owners believe that GSD based standard minutes are more accurate than other. You’ll feel that what a silly question it’s. But I met numbers of young industrial engineers, who solicit from me questions within the same way I’ve got titled this text.

6. what’s Productivity?

Productivity could be a measure of the efficiency and effectiveness to which legislative resources (inputs) are utilized for the creation of products and/or services (outputs). Productivity measurement is both a measure of input utilization and an assessment on whether or not input utilization is growing faster than output

7. KPIs for Garment Manufacturers

Key performance Indicators (KPIs) are measured to assess where the factory currently stands and to seek out key focus areas where management has to verify. Top 9 KPIs has been listed and explained below that are measured by garment manufacturers (export houses) within the fashion industry.


Industrial engineering is best process to enhance in any sector or industry to realize more profit but invest is low. once we discuss the I.E then we must be follow the work study), time study, method study and time and motion study an industrial engineer must follow that criteria.

IE’s make processes better within the following ways:

  1. More efficient and more profitable business practices
  2. Better customer service and products quality
  3. Efficiency improvement
  4. Increased ability to try and do more with less
  5. Making work safer, faster, easier, and more rewarding
  6. Helping companies produce more products quickly
  7. Making the planet safer through better designed products
  8. Reducing costs related to new technologies


Why Industrial Engineering is necessary ?


Industrial Engineering is required if you would like a corporation in it’s best way. It focuses on numerous essential aspects that are necessary for an industry to run smoothly. Let’s see in what all fields technology focuses in an industry.

  1. I.E helps in improving the standard of the products being produced.
  2. It improves the productivity of an industry.
  3. It ensures that the workers are using the correct method to complete employment.
  4. Promotes safety, health and therefore the working environment of the workers functioning on the machine.
    Also concentrates on the Ergonomics of the worker functioning on the machine.
  5. It will make sure that the machine is in a very good working condition.
    Improves efficiency of the machines.
  6. Makes sure that the layout of the industry is meant to scale back fatigue of the workers
  7. Optimizes the utilization of man, material and therefore the


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