What is CMT Manufacturing in garment Industry?

What is CMT Manufacturing in garment Industry?

What is CMT Manufacturing in garment Industry?

In this article garment merchandising will discuss What is CMT Manufacturing in garment Industry? In the garment industry, CMT means Cut, Make and Trim process within the apparel sourcing. Within the CMT term

1. Cut means cutting of garment patterns from fabric role.
2. Make is stitching the entiregarment with necessary trims.
3. Trim means trimming of uncut threads tails, cleaning loose thread from the garment after stitching and doing the checking, finishing and packing the garment.

CMT is additionally a pricing term within the garment industry. In CMT manufacturing, apparel buyer pays the manufacturers for the cut-make-trim process. Pre-production process just like the order processing, development, pattern making and pattern grading, and post-production process like shipping of products are handled by the client.

In the apparel supply chain, various formats of garment manufacturing exist. CMT is one in the entire old and still most preferred one for several apparel buyers.

When we discuss CMT manufacturing, the CMT garment manufacturers do not buy fabric and trims for the merchandise. Fabric and trims are supplied by the client. The factory doesn’t must bear sample development and other pre-production processes. They only consider production processes.

Benefits of CMT manufacturing to Brands


  1. Brands can control the materialquality and merchandisequality. the material is expensive material. The garment quality depends on the material quality and right selection of the material properties from reputed mills. Secondly when buyer purchase fabrics from their end, they’ll economize on the material also.
  2. Buyers can control the manufacturing and apparel sourcing cost because the fabric is in their hand. They need qualified fabric sourcing team and good relation with the material mills. The CMT cost is receptive then and makers can charge CMT price and their margin. They’ll not play on material and overhead pricing.

Benefits of CMT manufacturing to the manufacturers


  1. The CMT manufacturers don’t mustinvest money in fabric and other raw materials. The factory can keep their factory running cost less. In case, factory purchase any trims they’llcharge their buyer for the identical.
  2. The CMT manufacturers can keep their overhead thin by employing a g minimum number of administrative staffs.
  3. The CMT business process isn’t much complex and easier for accounting and analytic thinking
  4. In terms of earning, CMT manufacturers, they cannot charge an excessive amount of to their buyers as there’s no hidden cost of producing and overhead.
  5. They aren’t liable for the standard issue associated with the material because the fabric is supplied by buyers.
    On the opposite hand, full package apparel manufacturers (FOB order processing) are sure of development, sampling, production, shipping the garment up to the port (in case of export orders).

    You might know that almost all of the massive sportswear brands and good domestic brands source their items from CMT manufacturing.



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