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FABRICS:The set of yarns weaved or knitted in a specific pattern is called fabric. Fabric are different based on fibers used in its making. Textile material contains some natural and synthetic fibers. when these fibers accumulate with each other then the product achieved is called fabric. Yarn is produced by the spinning of these raw fibers. Latter on this yarn is used to weave or knit a piece of fabric. Natural fibers are those which are produced from natural resources like cotton from the cotton plant, wool from animals, silk from the silkworm, Flax fiber from plants and hemp fiber also from a plant species. Synthetic fibers are those fibers which are produced with the help of artificial means, the process is called polymerization. These fibers are also named as man-made fibers. Common synthetic fibers are nylon, polyester, acrylic, rayon, modacrylic, olefin and many more.FABRICS