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Fashion: The fashion industry may be a globalized sector that works to satisfy the demand for attire and dictates the trends for what should be worn. This industry consists of 5 distinct and separate levels. These levels are high fashion, luxury wear, affordable luxury wear, mainstream clothing, and discount clothing. the assembly a part of the industry, that which takes the concept for a chunk of apparel all the thanks to the hands of these who purchase it, is formed of four basic sectors. These sectors include producers of the products necessary to form the apparel, those that create the pieces, those that advertise and market the products, and people who sell the products.

The industry largely began in Paris, as seamstresses who once made single garments turned to establishing boutiques that catered to those desiring couture clothing. the primary and most well-known dressmaker to try and do this was Charles Frederick Worth. These beginnings are where the foundations of high fashion were laid. it’s during this tradition that this level of the style industry continues today.