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Textile fiber could be a material mainly made up of natural or synthetic sources. This material are going to be converts into the making of textile yarns and fabrics; woven, knitted, nonwoven, and carpets. it should be during a kind of a pliable hair like strand or because the smallest visible unit of textile production
Since from the past, there are many varieties of textile fibre that are used or developed in textile production like cloth, rope, household and etc. In textile industry, fibre will be classified into two differing kinds supported their sources which are natural fibre and artificial fibre or well-known as synthetic fibre
It is a fibre made up of a cloth originated from natural sources. There are three main sources that may be obtained to provide this type of fiber. Cellulosic fiber (origin from plant), Protein fiber (origin from animal) and also Mineral fiber. This type of fiber could only produce a staple yarn (short fibers) in terms length which isn’t too long compare with fibre. The dimensional structure of natural fibre would be in hairiness surface thanks to their origin. Each quite them has their own characteristic and end-use demands.
The term fibre refers to materials that’s not originated in natural sources but are developed by human by using chemical and mechanical process. Thus, fibre is well-known because the synthetic fiber. Unlike natural fibre, the properties of this fiber will be determined or controlled early before the assembly occurs. Unlike natural, fibre is produce during a filament yarn or filament staple yarn base on the end-use. The dimensional appearance will be varies in keeping with the stress usage and of course, it will be as same-like appearance and properties because the natural fibre. There are two base kinds of man-made that are widely employed by the textile industry, Natural Polymer base and artificial base.