Category: Quality

we will discuss acceptable quality level in the garment (AQL) and will know about the other options   to ensure the quality  of the product. AQL stands for an acceptable quality level. In the garment export industry, the term AQL is  widely  used.  Acceptable Level is basically the percentage of faulty pieces that are accepted or putative by the buyer from the manufacturer.

In short, the least adequate level of the product is the other of the acceptable  level. The acceptable  level is always different  from buyer to buyer, product to product,and process to process . An acceptable  quality level is categorized in three diverse principles. The three categories of acceptable  level are   critical faults, major faults, and minor Faults.

Most of the import manufacturers use these classifications of the acceptable level to set the maximum        number of faulty units, beyond which a lot will be rejected. Such   as manufactures of the product set a  level of quality that no more than 3.5 % faulty items in total, in the entire over quantity, on average  over   several productions runs with the supplier.