Is technology harming human life?

Many experts agree that technology is destroying our social lives. This digital age has led to increased social isolation and an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, with no time to interact with real people. Studies have shown that too much exposure to technology can affect human health. Constant use of smartphones and computers can lead to chronic … Read more

What is LCD technology?

LCD displays use light-modulating liquid crystals to produce images. The liquid crystals do not emit light directly, but rather work with a reflector or backlight. They can display arbitrary images, or fixed images with a low amount of information. In some applications, seven-segment displays and other devices with larger elements use the same basic technology. … Read more

What is wireless technology and how does it work?

Wireless devices are increasingly common. These include cordless phones, Bluetooth mice, cell phones, and GPS systems. Many other wireless devices interact with each other by using radio signals, such as certain video game consoles and garage door openers. In addition to cell phones, wireless chargers can also communicate with one another via radio waves. But … Read more

How mobile network technology works

Mobile phones use radio waves to transmit information. These signals are called radio waves, and they are sent from a base station to the user’s cellphone. The range of base stations is limited, so users must stay within a certain area. This area is called a cell. The mobile network operator deploys thousands of cells … Read more