How to calculate marker efficiency

How to calculate marker efficiency

In this article, garment merchandising  will discuss what is marker? How to make a marker? How to calculate marker efficiency? The marker is a diagram consisting of all design pattern pieces. This diagram is used in the cutting process of the apparel industry to make sure the maximum consumption of fabric. The marker making of each design not ensures the maximum consumption of fabric material only but also saves hundreds of dollars by minimizing your fabric wastage. This diagram of design pattern pieces enables you to know how many meters of the fabric need to buy, for example, 150 pair of basic denim jeans.

Marker efficiency will be profoundly affected by the person who is making marker either the marker making is manual, or the marker making is computerized. Before knowing how to calculate marker efficiency we should know how to make a marker?

How to make a marker?

There are two methods of marker making, one is called manual and other is called computerized. The efficiency of the marker will be higher in computerized marker making instead of manual marker. If the experience of a person is excellent, and he/she has great marker making skills, then manual marker making can be highly efficient as well. One point should be noted that manual marker making is not able to mass-produce markers in a fast pace environment. In a similar way, computerized marker making is not able to store or save markers in a computer file for future reprints.

Engineered Marker making?

If the fabric is asymmetric, then marker efficiency will reduce. If the fabric is stripped, the marker efficiency will be less.

Length of pattern and Style?

If diagram having more large pattern pieces and less small pattern pieces, then the efficiency achieved will be less. In the same way, if the diagram having less large pattern pieces and more small pattern pieces then that efficiency achieve will also be less.

The combination of large and small pattern pieces is always ideal because you can easily cover the overall pattern instead of filling empty spaces.

 How to calculate marker area?

Calculation of marker area is very easy. Simply, multiplication of marker length and marker width will result in marker area.

For Example,


Length of the marker = 16 yards and 18 inches

Width of the marker = 58 inches

Area of marker = 16.18 * 58 = 938.44

How to calculate marker efficiency?

Marker efficiency is calculated from below formula

Marker efficiency = (Area of all pattern pieces in marker/Total area of marker)*100

Now as per formula, the first coming thing is the area of all pattern pieces. Let’s calculate this pattern pieces area. Suppose there are three pieces on the marker.

Area of first piece= (length * Width)

= (14 * 11) = 154

Area of second piece = (length * width)

= (11 * 15) = 165

Area of third piece

= (Length * width)

= (16 * 12) = 192

Total Area of marker = (Length * width)

= (30*20) =600

Marker Efficiency = (Area of all pattern pieces in marker/Total area of marker)*100

= [(192+165+154)/600]*100

= 85 %

Factors influencing market efficiency:

  • Garment style
  • Width of marker
  • Length of marker
  • Type of fabric
  • Pattern placement technique
  • Sizes of garment
  • Marker planer.


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