How to calculate SAM/How to calculate SMV

How to calculate SAM/How to calculate SMV

In this article garment merchandising will provide you the way of How to calculate SAM/How to calculate SMV .Here we know that how to calculate SAM. SAM is an abbreviation of standard allowed mints .it is also known as SMV (standard Minutes value). It is a key factor in any apparel industry. All the workers in apparel industry is on piece rate. SAM is one of the important factor in calculating piece rate. It’s not the end of SAM yet. SAM is necessary for your capacity calculation.SAM is also a requirement for efficiency calculation of your operators or sewing floor. You may say that SAM is a base of calculating performance.

SAM Formula

Formula= B.M.V*(1+PF%+MD %) +BHT%

(B.M.V is Basic min Value, PF is personnel fatigue, MD is machine delay, and BHT is Bundle Handling Time)

Because operator takes rest, he/she goes to washroom, he/she need a cup of tea that’s why PF% is added in operator basic time

As machine breaks thread, it may down for a time due to any technical issue so MD% is added in operators basic time.

This allowance is added because operators receive bundle of garment for sewing, he/she has to untie bundle for sewing, after sewing needs to tie again for other operators that’s why BHT % is added in operator’s basic time. (it is standard 3%)

What Is SAM??

SAM stands for Standard allowed minutes. We can define that a time required for an operator to do a specific job.

Why SAM Calculation is Necessary??

In a garment factory a lot of things are attached with SAM calculation such as delivery dates, capacity, efficiency, piece rate of operators etc.

Equipment Required for SAM’s Calculation’s?

  1. Stop watch
  2. Pen
  3. Paper

Steps of SAM’s calculations?

  1. First you have to select your operation for which you are going to take your SAM
  2. Second you have to note single cycle time of operator (pick to pick). Means how much time operator takes to pick align,sew and dispose a piece to complete his/her operation.
  3.  At least take 10 single cycle time (SCT)
  4. Take average of these single cycle Time.(ASCT)
  5. Convert this average in min’s by dividing it on 60.(B.M)
  6. Now at that step you have to give rating to operator that how perfectly he/she doing the job. After multiplying B.M to Rating you will Get (B.M.V)
  7. Calculate SAM by using above mentioned formula .(SAM calculation is given in below table for your reference)


Note: PF% is 7.5% for sitting operator and 10 % for standing operator.

MD% is different machine wise, like for SNLS its 12.5%, for O/L its 7.5%, for DNLS its 15%


Fly O/L43546456454.60.0885%0.0657.5%7.5%3%0.10



If you want a visual example of SAM/SMV calculation then please see the below video.

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