Method of fabric cutting in the garment

Method of fabric cutting in the garment 

In this article, garment merchandising will discuss the method of fabric cutting in the garment industry. If we think about the current apparel business. It is a routine observation that the quality of the product is the first preference of all the buyers around the globe. The process of cutting fabric is the first and essential step to manufacture a quality product in the garment industry. The qualitative cutting of the fabric not only reduces the wastage of fabric but also makes the business more profitable. The quality cutting of fabric in the apparel industry can be achieved by following some methods. These methods are explained below.

Methods Of fabric cutting:

There are two methods of fabric cutting that are generally followed by the garment industry.

  • Manual method (Commonly used)
  • Computerized Method ( Large scale production houses uses)

Manual fabric cutting Process (Method 1):

In manual fabric cutting method, the cutter man does the cutting with the knife, scissors, drill, etc. This method of cutting fabric is very common in the garment sector.

Method of fabric cutting in the garment 

Manual cutting

Equipments required for the manual cutting method:

  • Straight knife
  • Round Knife
  • Band Knife
  • Drill
  • Die Cutting
  • Scissor

Advantages of Manual Fabric cutting process:

  • Manual cutting is a very easy process of cutting.
  • A normal non-specialist can cut the fabric easily; that’s why educated, and costly labor is not necessary.
  • The knives required for manual cutting are available at a cheap cost. So, no capital investment is needed.
  • The maintenance of manual cutting equipment is low in all aspects.

Disadvantages of manual fabric cutting process:

  • Sometimes, an accident happens in the manual cutting process.
  • High chances of human errors and quality suffer.
  • speed is very low
  • The manual cutting process is not suitable for large scale production houses.
  • Labor cost in the manual cutting process is much higher than the computerized cutting process.
  • The quality of the product is lesser in the manual cutting process as compared to the computerized process.


Computerized cutting process (Method 2):

Clothes are the basic need of humans. The people need the right quality product at a fair price. So, to meet customer satisfaction, it is impossible to make a quality product with old methods. In garments, cutting of the fabric is considered as the first step of quality assurance. That’s why the computerized cutting process is gaining attention in the garment industry. In the automated method, you have to feed the information in a computer, and a program inside the machine will complete the cutting process according to the guided report.

Equipment’s required for the computerized cutting method:

  • Laser beam cutting.
  • Plasma torch cutting.
  • Straight knife cutting.
  • Water jet cutting.

Advantages of Computerized fabric cutting Process:

  • It works effectively and increases productivity.
  • Labor cost in the computerized cutting process is meager.
  • Works at a reasonable speed.
  • There is no need for the marker.
  • Speed is under control.
  • Lesser chances of an accident happening.
  • Highly suitable for large scale garment business.

Disadvantages of computerized fabric cutting method:

  • Very expensive to implement.
  • The maintenance cost is high.
  • It requires educated and skilled labor.
  • If the person made any mistake in setting parameters on a computer, this mistake would cause a big mistake.



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