Parts of sewing machine

Parts of sewing machine

In this article garment merchandising will provide you some information about  parts of sewing machine.Now a days clothes are not just a basic need of human being but they are passion of people in new era of this world. For this purpose man has created apparel industry to meet the need and luxury of human being. Sewing machines plays a vital role for clothes manufacturing. So it is very important to get knowledge about sewing machines. It makes you able to operate your machine easily . Stitching is known as backbone of any apparel industry but backbone of stitching department is its  stitching machines.Stitching machine itself is nothing but an assembly of some parts which together is called stitching machine. This article is a brief explanation of parts of sewing machine.

 Parts of sewing Machine:

  • Spool pin
  • Bobbin Winder
  • Stitch width Regulator
  • Balance Wheel
  • Stitch Length Regulator
  • Reverse Stitch Lever
  • Bobbin winder Thread Guide
  • Thread Tension Disc
  • Thread Take-up Lever
  • Needle Bar
  • Presser Foot
  • Feed Dogs
  • Slide Plate or Throat Plate
  • Power switch

Spool Pin: spool is a pin where threads cone sits. It is usually 2 inches long and ¼ inch thick.

Bobbin Winder: Bobbin is placed here while thread winding.When bobbin is winded completely then it stops working.

Stitch width Regulator: stitch width regulator sets stitch width in case of zigzag stitches it does nothing if the stitch is straight.

Balance wheel: It is on the right side of sewing machine a round shape wheel, manually can take up and down the needle .its main purpose is to lift a needle by hand. Sometimes needle requires alignment on fabric so manual it can be done by balance wheel or hand wheel.

Stitch Length Regulator: It controls the length of stitch or you may say it controls stitch per inch (SPI). Shorter stitches for finer fabrics and longer stitches for heavier fabrics.

Reverse Stitch Lever:  By pressing this lever machine sew in reverse. Normally it is pressed when tacking is required or reverse is required. For example at the end of any seam.

Bobbin Winder Thread Guide: Function of thread guide is to guide the thread to winding bobbin .

Thread Tension Disc: It controls tens of the top thread. If it gets too tight then bobbin thread will appear on the right side of fabric. If it gets too loose then needle thread will make a loop with underside of the fabric.

Thread Take Up Liver: Upper thread passes through this lever. This liver  moves up & down. When it goes down it loses the thread so that rotatory hook of bobbin case can pick it up to make a lock stitch.

Needle Bar: This Bar holds the needle at place.

Presser Foot: use of presser foot is to held the fabric at machine bed.

Feed Dogs: If you have ever seen a sewing machine then you must have noted some teeths shape thing right below needle. During sewing these teeths which are called feed dogs helps to move fabric forward and backward.

Slide Plate 0r Throat Plate: It is a metal plate normally in silver color right below the needle and presser foot. It has two opening or mouth, one for needle insertion and other for feed dogs. It is  slippery in nature to move fabric onward while stitching.

Power switch: Function of power switch is  to on and off a sewing machine. It is normally at the right side. It may also call starter of sewing machine.







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