Parts of Zipper

Parts of Zipper

The zipper is a very common accessory in garments. It’s another name that is a clasp locker. It is a binding or fastening device between two edges of fabric or you may say that zipper will attach where there is opening between two edges of the fabric. The common use of zipper is in jacket manufacturing, Denim jeans, dress pants, bags, sports goods, camping gear, tents, and many more items. It is invented by Whitcomb Judson who was an American. This invention was given the title of the hookless fastener. It comes in different categories regarding sizes, shapes, and colors. There are various types of zippers which are enlisted below.

Types of zipper:

  • Magnetic Zipp
  • Reverse coil Zipp
  • Metal Zipp
  • Invisible Zipp
  • Open End Zipp
  • Coil Zipp
  • Plastic Molded Zipp

  Types of zippers in Apparel Industry

  • Concealed Zipper: Usually this type is used in making women skirts or this sort of garment.
  • Continuous Zipper: It is a very commonly used type in the apparel industry for making men, women and kids garments.

Parts Of Zippers:                                                                    

  • Top Stoppers
  • Bottom Stoppers
  • Slider Body
  • Pull
  • Tape
  • Shoulder
  • Chain
  • Tape end
  • Element attaching thread
  • Continuous-Monofilament Element
  • Crimp
  • Exposed Tape Width
  • Chain Thickness

  Functions of zipper Parts:

 Top Stoppers: They stop the slider to leave the chain upward.

 Bottom stoppers: They stop the slider to leave the chain downward.

 Slider Body: It is a part that slides up and down to open or close the zipper.

 Pull: Pull is an attachment to slider for his easy movement towards up or down. That tiny thing is grabbed to open or close the zip.

Tape: It is ribbon or strip material on which teeth are attached or to which continuous monofilament elements are attached.

Shoulder: it’s a specific bearing surface of the interlocking element by which the chain is contained inside flanges of the slider

Chain: It is an assembly of interlocking many of elements with two stringers.

Tape End: The tape extension after both stoppers (Top & Bottom) is known as tape end.

Element Attaching Thread: The thread by which continuous element is secured and makes it stagnant on the place is known as element attaching thread.

Continuous monofilament element: It has two types of configuration. Two continuous monofilament elements each attaching to its opposite edge of two types symmetrically or on one side of the ribbon (tape) at opposite edges asymmetrically.

Crimp: It is a predetermined formulation of monofilament cross-section at that specific point where the interlocking of the continuous-monofilament element has done.

Exposed Tape Width: It is also an extension of tape which is beyond the shoulder and outer tape edge.

Chain thickness: It is a measurement from back to the front of a chain.


Parts of Zipper
Parts of Zipper


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