Properties of cotton fabric

Properties of cotton fabric

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What is cotton fabric?

Cotton fabric is manufacturing from cotton yarn. This yarn is purely a twisted result of cotton fibers. Cotton fibers are soft and staple fibers that grow in a shell or boll of the cotton plant. The Cotton fibers are pure cellulose. The cotton fabric is soft and highly durable. Garments of cotton fabric can be washed on the machine. This fabric is one of the common type of fabric obtained from natural resources .Properties of cotton fabric are given below


  • Absorbency: cotton absorbs any liquid very well. It absorbs almost 25 times its weight. This property of cotton fabric enhances the comfort of the wearer as it absorbs the sweat. That’s why cotton is widely used in the towel and other washcloths.
  • Shrinkage: cotton fabric shrinks just only at first wash. While sewing a cotton fabric, it is recommended to wash it before so that the final product will never damage after washing.
  • Breathability: cotton fabric has enough pores on its surface. These pores allow air to flow through the fabric. While sweating absorbs the sweat and releases it on the fabric surface. This specialty of fabric is called breathability. This quality fabric is very necessary for the summer days.
  • Creasing Nature: Cotton fabric makes creases certainly. Clothes of cotton should be pressed regularly to maintain its appearance. Sometimes different finishes are used which helps the fabric to remain creaseless. Cotton fabric Hanged at direct sunshine for long period will lose its strength.
  • Versatility: The Best property of a cotton fabric is that you can dye it with any color. It is awesome in retaining that color. It is weaved in three different ways. Plain weave which produces common wear in everyday life. Twill weaves which produce khaki and denim. A satin weave which is not so popular.

 Advantages of cotton Fabric:

  • Wearer loves this fabric because it is very cool due to its breathability.
  • Its contact with skin is very soft therefore consumer love to wear it.
  • It does not attract dirt.
  • Cotton fibers trick air in the fabric that’s why it is a good insulator.
  • It does not want extra care for washing and can be washed easily.
  • It has high strength when it is wet.
  • The wearer does not feel any irritation in this fabric.

Disadvantages of Cotton fabric:

  • The strength of this fabric gets weaker over time.
  • It does not dry quickly and stains easily.
  • Due to the inflexibility of this fabric, it wrinkles severely.
  • It has a high shrinkage percentage.
  • This fabric catches fire in easily and highly ignitable.
  • Molds attack this fabric easily if left wet.
Pproperties of cotton fabric

cotton fibers


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