Responsibilities of merchandisers

    Responsibilities of merchandisers

This article is a clear and short introduction  of merchandising department,merchandiser and responsibilities of merchandisers.


The department which act as a mediator between marketing and production departments is called merchandising department. Main purpose of merchandising department is to promote and sustain specific categories of commercial activities.Merchandising department Basic responsibility is directing and overseeing the product development from inquiry stage to till dispatch. Garment merchandising and marketing department is a team of merchandisers and marketers whose work together under a profit controls head. Merchandisers deal with the foreign buyers. The teams are divided according to the buyers being handled. key responsibilities of merchandiser exist in merchandising department.


Responsibilities of Merchandiser is to keep in touch with all other departments. Merchandiser is “A bridge between buyer and manufacturer”. The merchandiser always keeps in with the design team to excellently present the product or product line.Merchandiser modifies colors, specifications and do market research to conclude the best ways to sell and promote the product. A good merchandiser requires strong negotiation, communication analytical and visual skills. A good merchandiser should be a innovative and creative mind set.

Types of Merchandising:

In garments industry two types of merchandising exist.

A) Marketing Merchandising

B) Product Merchandising

A) Marketing Merchandising: Major working of marketing merchandising is

a) Development of product

b) Costing

Responsibility of marketing merchandising has to bring orders costly products development and it has direct contact with the buyer.

B) Product Merchandising:

Product merchandising performs his duty  in production unit. Its working begins from sourcing to till finishing. for example from first sample to till shipment.

Responsibilities of merchandisers:

  • Development of product
  • Analysis of market and product
  • Selling the concept
  • Orders Booking
  • Deliveries confirmation
  • Designing and sampling
  • Cost analysis for product
  • Raw material for Manufacturing product
  • Monitoring the flow of product manufacturing
  • Follow ups quality, shipment of product manufacturing.
  • Internal and external communication
  • sampling of product
  • Lab dips
  • Trims & Accessories
  • Preparation of internal order sheets
  • Preparing purchase orders
  • Taking production in loop as per buyer concern
  • Coordinates with quality department about quality level
  • Acting as a mediator between  production and quality departments
  • Inspection of product
  • Shipment follow up


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