Sewing machines for denim jeans

Sewing machines for denim jeans 

In this article, we will discuss sewing machines for denim jeans manufacturing. In denim jeans or jackets manufacturing different types of sewing machines are used in the industry. These denim manufacturing machines are available in various technologies. In this article, we will discuss all types of primary sewing machines and automatic machines involving in denim jeans manufacturing. We will also discuss common sewing machine brands in denim jeans manufacturing and their automatic machines.

List of denim jeans sewing machine

1) Lock stitch machine:

lock stitch machine comes in different variants.

  1. Double-needle lock stitch machine:


Watch pocket attachment, back pocket attachment, J-stitch, crotch join Hip stitch, hang sewing and many more operations

  1. Single Needle Lock Stitch with Edge cutter

  2. Single needle lock stitch with UBT or without UBT


Normally, single needle lock stitch machine is used watch pocket attach, back pocket attach, Hang sewing, notches attach, panel attach, labels attached, hip stitch, waistband end close, tacking, pleat make, dart make, bottom hemming and many other operations.

2) Chain stitch machine:

The stitching machine also comes in different variants.Single needle chain stitch machine, double-needle chain stitch machine, and multi-needle chain stitch machine.The example of a chain stitch machine is the waist belt attach machine.This machine is also used to make Dungaree gallaces.

3) The feed of Arm (Feedo):

The feed of arm is also a chain stitch machine.Usually, one to three needles are attached at the feed of the arm. If you want a single chain stitch, then one needle will be used; for three chain stitches, three needles will be attached at feedo of arm machine.


This machine is used to attach yoke, attach inseam, topstitch on the yoke in case yoke is attached with safety machine and outseam topstitch if outseam is attached at safety machine

4) Bartack machine:

It is also considered a type of lock stitch machine.This machine is used to attach loops in denim jeans, to secure back pockets by bar tacking on edges and to secure hip stitch seam.

5)  Overlock machine:

lock machine has three types. Three thread O/L, Four thread O/L, and Five thread O/L (safety). Overlock is used to securing edges usually to prevent edge fray after washing.


This machine is usually used in single fly Overlock, double fly overlock, and pockets hem overlocking, pocket bag closing, yoke attachment, for seat seam attachment, for inseam overlocking, for out seam overlocking and many other operations.

6) Eyelet Machine:

This machine is used to make an eyelet in a waist belt of denim jeans

7) Cover stitch /flat lock machine:

Stitch formed by this machine looks like overlock on one side and two chain stitches on the other side. In denim jean sewing facing is attached to lining with the help of this machine and loop making.

8) Multi-chain thread machine:

This is a chain stitch machine usually used at waist belt attachment.

9) Buttonhole machine:

It is used in making buttonholes in denim jeans.

10) Loop making machine:

The machine used to make loops that will be attached after belt attachment in the assembly    area.

11) Pattern sewer machine:

This machine is used to make patterns for back pocket attachment.

12)Snap Button attaching machine:

This machine is used to attach snap buttons on denim jeans.

Common sewing machines Brands for jeans making

list of most common sewing machines brands is given below

  • YAMATO and KANSAI brand is good for flatlock sewing operations in denim jeans.
  • The feed of arm is available in BROTHER, JUKI, and VIBEMAC.
  • Waistband attaching (Auto) is available in the market with the brand name of VIBEMAC, KANSAI, AMF REECE, and many others.
  • Pocket settler (Auto) is available in the market with the brand name of VIBEMAC, JUKI, and DUERKOPP ALDER.
  • Bar tack machine is available in JUKI, BROTHER, DUERKOPP ALDER and many others
  • Lock stitch machine: VIBEMAC, BROTHER and JUKI
  • Over Lock Machine: VIBEMAC, BROTHER, JUKI, and GOLDEN Wheel.

Automatic Machines and Work stations

Some of the denim jeans operations can be performed on automatic machines and workstations. The automatic is mentioned below.

  1. Back pocket settler: It is used to back to attach back pockets.
  2. Waist belt attaching machine (auto)
  3. Automatic J stitch machine
  4. Automatic belt attaching machine

These automated machines are available in the market with the brand name of VIBEMAC, KANSAI, AMF REECE, YAMATO, and many others


Before thinking of starting a denim jeans manufacturing unit, you must have a sound knowledge of different types of sewing machines. This article was just an introduction, and you can better understand the features of these machines from a machine manufacturer website.


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