Standard operating procedure of Product Development

Standard operating procedure of Product Development

In this article, garment merchandising will talk about Standard Operating Procedure of Product Development in garment industry.Standard Operating Procedure of Product Development or any department is very important to smooth the process and information flow of product.On quarterly basis, the Manager PD establishes Objectives & Targets of PD Department. These objectives & targets specify the key performance goals of the PD Department in measurable / quantifiable terms. To achieve these objectives & targets, action plans are defined with proper activities to be done, responsible persons, resources required and target time frame. The Objective Sheets are approved by Director Operations. The data related to objectives & targets is compiled and reported on monthly / quarterly basis. The performance against objectives & target is reviewed in the Departmental Review Meetings and on successful completion of targets; incentives are also given to the concern department employees.Standard Operating Procedure of Product Development is explained in below detail.

Standard Operating Procedure of Product Development Refers to the Objectives Sheets for PD Department Objectives and Action Plans.

Competency of PD Staff

The personnel working in PD department are competent on the basis of appropriate education, experience, training or skills. The competence requirements are defined in the job description in the form of job specifications, which are maintained by HR department and Manager PD.

The PD staff require training and skills in the following areas:

  1. Communication
  2. Relationship / customer service
  • Basic product knowledge

  1. Process knowledge
  2. Documentation of PD department

New Employee Orientation

Any new employee in PD department is given orientation on the following topics:

  1. Administrative policies (e.g., working hours, leaves, disciplinary policies)
  2. Understanding of Quality Policy
  3. Understanding of job responsibilities and authorities
  1. On-job training.

HR Manager is responsible for orientation regarding the company policies and rules. The head of department gives orientation on job-related requirements and procedures.

Continual Identification of Training Needs

Training needs are identified on annual basis using the Training Need Assessment form. In addition, training is also identified based on the following factors:

  1. Changes in PD services or operations
  2. New or revised PD procedures or changes in the quality policy
  3. Corrective / Preventive Actions

These training needs are identified and communicated to the Human Resource Department, who then prepare the company-wide training plan. Records of training are maintained by Human Resources department.

Refer to procedure for Human Resource.

Infrastructure & Work Environment


  1. Well-furnished Offices for PD staff including separate working area, cabinets, and telephone
  2. Computers and accessories including email

Manager PD must ensure that the above-mentioned infrastructure has been provided in the PD department.

Working Environment

Working environment must be appropriate to ensure better provision of services to clients and maximized output. This includes:

  1. Organised work area
  2. Comfortable room temperature
  • Sufficient working space
  1. Minimum noise

PD must ensure that the above-mentioned requirements for maintaining suitable working environment have been provided.


To ensure that:

  • All information provided by PM regarding SMD / bulk order is properly encrypted and synchronized in tech book in an understandable manner to ensure product as per customers’ required standards.
  • Each customer inquiries are handled properly and quality services are provided to customer.
  • All production queries regarding customer requirements and standards are addressed satisfactorily.


All garment operations from Sampling to Packing.


  • PD department is responsible to process SMD and clear the requirements of workmanship and styling, to provide tech book for bulk, to generate MS, handing over wash and CA samples to production departments and clarifying queries regarding sample, tech book & customer requirements.
  • PD is responsible to get clarities in the documents provided by PM and to clarify queries regarding customer requirements raised by or submitted.


SMD Receiving

  1. PD will receive the signed SMD from Merchandiser along with Sample, size chart and customer comments (SMD received after 1:00 pm will be considered in the next day). PM will clear all queries related to information given by customer.
  2. PD will verify the signed SMD with related material and in case of any contradiction, ambiguity or query, will get it cleared from PM and then refer SMD to IE department.
  3. Product development will check the SMD for workmanship and styling and will forward SMD to IE Department. PD will attach Risk & Complexity Analysis From also with each SMD for opening and closing of queries.
  4. After all clarifications and finalizing SMD, PD will hand over SMD to Sampling through I.E Dept.

Merchandising Sheet & Technical Sheet Generation/Issuance

  1. PD will receive PO, tech pack & BOM from PM with specific comments that must be incorporated in bulk.
  2. Product development will then check PO, tech pack and BOM and will sort out matters with PM before proceeding with MS (Merchandising Sheet).
  3. PD will then feed the customer PO in ERP.
  4. PD will calculate the thread consumption and accessories required for the order.
  5. Based on all confirmed information, PD will then generate the MS that contains all the required items and their respective quantities.
  6. Team Leader will verify below in MS.                                                                                                                            A)Cutting standard with PO after taking hard copies of both.                                                                           B)Stitching thread with thread card, email and thread code.
  • Zipper sizes with size chart and sample.
  1. Metal accessories codes & quantity with customer BOM / tech pack.
  2. Packing detail.


  1. After verification by Team Leader, MS will be forwarded in ERP system. All concerned departments will receive system generated email regarding MS forwarding.
  2. MS lead time is one day for repeat order and fourteen days for new order after ANL number allocation by PPC.
  3. CA (confectionery/cutting approval) is provided by PM with two sample i.e CA Sample (for styling and confectionery) and Wash Sample (for washing standard), PD will confirm below:


a)If style sample is not OK for shapes then mock up will be demanded. Meanwhile pattern request will be sent to Sampling CAD to share with Bulk CAD.

b)Wash sample lab test report will be reviewed from email shared by lab team. In case of rejection, concerned authority acceptance email for bulk wash will be provided by PM.

c)Risk analysis report of wash sample will be reviewed from common drive shared by Development Cell so that bulk production team could define precautionary measures.

  1. PD will demand bulk pattern from Sampling CAD and they will provide the approved pattern, missing measurements in size chart and small parts grading to PD.
  2. Product development will issue the technical sheet along with Red sealed sample to preproduction team for PCR activity within one day after receiving CA.
  3. PD will receive sealed sample as per below protocol:                                                                                                         A)   PM will write all comments related to wash on wash sample. PD will attach green seal to the sample, pack it in black poly bag and will handover to washing team.                                                                                                        B)   PD will pack one leg of CA sample in transparent polybag before handing over to Preproduction team.          C)   PD will attach washing risk analysis from Development Cell in PCR & Bulk sheet.                                                D)   PD will accept CA after having both sealed samples, comments clarity, mock up if required and approved bulk pattern & testing reports.
  1. PD will clarify queries or any contradiction found by Quality Control team in Preproduction upon comparison of sample and tech book.


  1. After completion of PPR activity, quality control team in Preproduction will audit the PPR garments with sample & tech sheet and call a handover meeting.
  2. Trim card will be compiled by placing all in-housed trims on trim card and approved by PD.


  1. All concerned departments will participate in handover meeting. PD will bring trim card and will lead handover meeting. PD will clarify all queries raised by other departments with the consent of PM.


  1. Product development will incorporate PPR comments and email tech book to all concerned departments.


  1. PD will compile all documents (complete tech book, Customer comments, PPR comments, MS and Trim Card) in one file (green or red) and will handover to Cutting department.


  1. When the order will be in finishing induction stage, PD will conduct handover meeting with Finishing Quality, clear any ambiguity and update file if required.


Monitoring & Measurement

PD activities are monitored through:

  1. Monitoring and reporting the PD performance against the objectives & targets.
  2. Monitoring the accuracy of technical sheets.
  3. Internal Audits

Internal Audits

The internal audits of all departments including PD department are carried out once in a six months. A week before the proposed audit date, the Audit Plan is prepared. While conducting the audit, the auditors seek to:­

  1. Determine whether documented procedures and instructions meet the requirements of the standards.
  2. Verify whether procedures and instructions are being implemented. For this, the data and records are examined for compliance and personnel are interviewed to ascertain whether they understand the procedures and instructions.

When an auditor observes non-conformity in the system, all details are recorded on an observation sheet so that corrective action can be taken. Two to three days after the audit, the Audit Report is prepared and distributed to all departments.

In case of nonconformists related to PD department, Corrective/Preventive Action Request (CPARs) is sent to the Manager PD. Manager PD assigns a person for investigating the nonconformists and taking necessary corrective actions. The responsible person investigates the cause of the problem noted as non-Compliance proposes a corrective action to be taken and indicates the date by which the corrective action will be fully implemented.

On, or immediately after, the due date for implementation of the corrective action, the auditors/Manager QMS follow up with an inquiry or audit to determine if the corrective action has been implemented and if it is effective. When there is objective evidence that the corrective action is effective, the audit non-compliance report is closed out. If more work is needed to fully implement the corrective action, a new follow-up date is agreed upon.

KPIs of PD

At the month’s end PD’s KPIs analysis will be done. KPIs of PD and departments which will measure KPIs are mentioned below.


KPIMeasured byWeightage
1MS lead time (Completion)PPC

20 %


CA acceptance daysPPC15 %
3SAM dispatchedIE

15 %

4Dead stock utilizationCosting & IA

10 %

5Leftover threadMain Store

20 %

6Bulk variationQC / QA

20 %


Every concern department as mentioned in the above table will measure the KPIs and will provide the data to Costing & IA departs as per requirement of Costing & IA department. Costing and IA depart will compile the data and present it in the departmental review meeting.


S. NoReportDocument NoFormLocationRetention
1Merchandise Sheet01SoftERP1 year
2Stitching Standard02SoftERP1 year
3Cutting Standard03SoftERP1 year
4Packing Standard04SoftERP1 year
5Before Wash Accessories05SoftERP1 year
6After Wash Accessories06SoftERP1 year
7Accessory Check List07SoftERP1 year
8Summary Page01SoftPD Office1 year
9Check List for Issuance of Tech Book02HardPD Office6 months



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