Types of fabric

Types of fabric

In this article, we will discuss the types of fabric. The set of yarns weaved or knitted in a specific pattern is called fabric. Fabric are different based on fibers used in its making. Textile material contains some natural and synthetic fibers. when these fibers accumulate with each other then the product achieved is called fabric. Yarn is produced by the spinning of these raw fibers. Latter on this yarn is used to weave or knit a piece of fabric. Natural fibers are those which are produced from natural resources like cotton from the cotton plant, wool from animals, silk from the silkworm, Flax fiber from plants and hemp fiber also from a plant species. Synthetic fibers are those fibers which are produced with the help of artificial means, the process is called polymerization. These fibers are also named as man-made fibers. Common synthetic fibers are nylon, polyester, acrylic, rayon, modacrylic, olefin and many more.

Types of natural fabric:

  • Cotton fabric: Fibers obtained from the cotton plant then twisted into yarn for making cotton fabric.
  • Jute fabric: Jute fibers obtained from the stem of the jute plant to make jute fabric.
  • Tencel fabric: Fibers for Tencel fabric obtained from sustainable wood pulp.
  • Bamboo fabric: Bamboo fibers are fabricated from natural bamboo plant to make bamboo fabric.
  • Hemp fabric: Fibers for hemp fabric obtained from natural plants.
  • Silk fabric: Silk is obtained from cocoons of a larva of the mulberry silk work.One of most awesome fabric made from silk is taffeta fabric.It is commonly used among celebrities.
  • Linen fabric: Fibers used in linen are pure cellulose fibers.
  • Wool: Animals’ hair is the source of wool fabric, like sheep, camel, alpaca, mohair, llama, angora rabbit, cashmere, cashgora, and many others.

Types of synthetic fabric:

  • Polyester fabric: It is a very popular synthetic fabric in the apparel industry due to its durability and strength with its cost-effectiveness.
  • Olefin fabric: This fabric is made from polypropylene as per Wikipedia. It is not usually used in the apparel industry but normally used in making ropes.
  • Nylon fabric : Nylon is a very commonly used fabric. It has wide usage across the world like apparel, construction work, furnishing offices, etc. The best properties of nylon include its elasticity, abrasion, dryness, water repellent and strength.
  • Polyester fleece fabric: It is made by polyester fiber which two-sided snoozed fabric.it has an isolating bulk of wool. It is very light in weight and warmer than wool.
  • Acrylic fabric: Acrylic looks like natural wool fabric. It was made as a substitute to meet the consumption of wool. Most of the time when we buy a wool garment but in actual it might be acrylic stuff. A normal person can be misled easily because of the same look and feel of acrylic and wool fabric.
  • Neoprene fabric: It is a water resilient man made rubber made with polychloroprene. Product made by this fabric includes sportswear, swimming suits, scuba wears and many more. The major properties of this fabric are high strength, climate fighter, and abrasion.
  • Spandex fabric: This fabric typically made of polyurethane with a lot of stretches, its other name is elastane. It can stretch four times more than its original length and gets back in the same condition. Products of spandex fabric include sportswear, fitting clothes and many more.
  • Micro Fiber Fabric: It is made from ultra-fine yarn like polyester, acrylic, and nylon. Its diameter is 20 times small than a silk fiber, which is known as the finest fiber in natural resources.
  • Synthetic fur fabric: This synthetic fabric was produced to replace expensive leather. Products of synthetic fur fabric include shoes, bags, belts, jackets and many more.
  • Tactel fabric: It is very light in weight and made from nylon.
  • Vinylon fabric: It is mostly made in japan and china with petroleum products.
  • Lycra fabric: It is a very stretch fabric used in the apparel industry for slim fit ladies’ pants.
  • Kevlar fabric: This is a fabric that is used in bulletproof jackets. It is the strongest manmade fabric among all.
  • Core-Tex Fabric: It is a highly water repellent synthetic fabric with good breathability.
  • Dacron Fabric: This fabric is made from polyester fibers. This fabric has resistance to stretching, on-absorbent and mildew resistance.
  • Artic Fleece Fabric: It is used in outdoor apparel. It is easy to wash, insulating, light weighted, quick-dry and many more qualities are there in this fabric.
  • Coolmax Fabric: This fabric is also made from polyester fibers. The major properties of this fabric include moisture-wicking, quick to dry and comfortable to the wearer.
  • Polartec fabric: This fabric is made from recycled plastic.
  • Nomex Fabric: It is a heat resilient fabric. Products of nomax fabric include dresses for chemical engineers where there is a chance of any fire connectivity. Suits for firefighters and many types of this.
  • Cordura fabric: It is made from nylon filament yarn. Product of Cordura includes military wear because of its strength, water repellency properties.
  • Supplex Fabric: It is made from nylon fibers that feel like cotton. Properties of Supplex fabric include quick-dry, anti-abrasion, breathability and many more.
  • Darlex Fabric: This fabric has high flexibility, water repellency, and breathability.
  • Solarmax Fabric: 100 percent nylon is used to make this fabric. It is very durable under direct sunshine that’s fight all banners and flags are made from this fabric mostly.
  • Dry spot Fabric: This fabric is made from the blending of polyester spandex and nylon. It is a dual-faced fabric.
  • Avora: It is made from flame-resistant polyester fibers.                                                                                                                                               








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