Types of stitches in garments

  • Types of stitches in garments

In this article garment merchandising will discuss about types of stitches in garments .If you are working in an apparel industry then you better know the word stitch and types of stitches in garments. If we define a stitch then simply it can be defined as the stitch is a configuration of threads that binds two different fabrics together. Every machine in the stitching production department has its stitch formation. Today we will discuss all types of machine stitches as well as hand stitches.

Types of sewing machine stitches/stitch classes                          

  •  100-Chain stitch
  • 300 -Lock stitch successive
  • 103-Blind stitch
  • 200-Hand stitch
  • 400-Multi thread chain stitch
  • 500-Over edge stitch
  • 600-Cover chain stitch


  • Chain Stitch: Its one side looks like a lock stitch and its other side looks like chain stitch .when interloping of these threads take place then in the result of this interloping the stitch forms is called chain stitch, one thread passes through the fabric with the help of needle and loop is prepared which makes a bond with the previous loop made by the same needle. Seam puckering possibility in the chain is more than a lock stitch.
  • Lock Stitch: Lockstitch is formed by lockstitch machines. The Stitch of the lock stitch machine looks similar on both sides. couple of threads or two threads  make this  stitch . One of the thread is a thread of needle and the other thread is a of bobbin. When  thread of needle interlaces with the thread of bobbin then both of threads make a bond with each other and forms a lock stitch. For lock stitch finer will be the thread stronger will be the stitch. Its strength is lower than the chain stitch.
  • Blind Stitch: Blind stitch is such a type of stitch which is easy to see on its backside, but its front side is not clear normally.In apparel industry the use of this stitch is in button eyelets. This is not a long-lasting stitch.
  • Hand Stitch: special needle or special sewing machine makes this type of stitch which normally looks like a domestic hand made stitch. Needle thread passes through the fabric and makes a sew line. shoes making industries use these types of stitches. 
  • Multi-thread Chain Stitch: Two or more than two sets of the thread form a multi-thread chain stitch.one set of the thread in this stitch passes through needle. And another set of the thread passes through looper.  A loop of one set thread passes through the fabric, makes a bond with another set by interlacing and interloping. It’s one side of the stitch looks like lock stitch and other side looks chain stitch.
  • Over Edge Stitch: One or more sets of thread forms over edge stitch. Threads make  by minimum loops of one set of threads by rotating fabric edge. As a result, the thread cannot be drawn off from edge . The sewing fabric edge is cleaned by trimming it with a knife attached near the needle.This stitch is also called an overlock stitch. The width of this stitch varies from 3 to 5 mm.
  • Cover chain Stitch: Three sets of threads normally form a cover chain stitch. The first set is  needle thread. The second thread is  top cover thread. The third stitch is a bottom cover thread . widely commonly use of cover chain stitch is  in the making of undergarments and for decorative purposes too. 



Types of stitches in garments      Types of stitches in garments

Types of stitches in garments         Types of stitches in garments

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