Types of washes in apparel industry

Types of washes in apparel industry

In this article, garment merchandising will discuss Types of washes in apparel industry. Washing is a technique that is used in apparel industries to improve the looks, comfort and fashion of ready made garments. There are different types of washes are in apparel industry that depend on the product properties and its usage. Wash of any product is based on buyer demand and trending fashion. An enzyme stone wash is good for denim product but light softener wash will be perfect for knitted product.In this article we will discuss different types of washes in apparel industry.

Types of machines used in Garment washing:

  • Boiler for steam generation
  • Water Treatment plant
  • Washing Machine
  • Hydro Machine
  • Dryer Machine
  • Spray Booth
  • Whisker Stands
  • Scraping Machines
  • Ripping Machines
  • Tagging Machine

Types of washes in apparel industry

Machines used in all types of washes in apparel industry are given below.

  • Normal Wash
  • Pigment Wash
  • Bleach Wash
  • Stone Wash
  • Acid Wash
  • Enzyme Wash
  • Super white Wash
  • Caustic Wash

Normal Wash: This wash is known as simplest and cheapest wash in among the types of washes in apparel industry. The Major purpose of normal wash is to eliminate starch material and dirt trapped in garment. After the wash garment becomes softer for wearer. Normal wash effect can be changed by changing temperature, wash time and amount of detergents using during its wash.

To improve your staining problems follow below steps

  • Keep hot water of 40 degree centigrade in washer
  • Mix almost one percent color fixing agent in hot water
  • Put dry garment in the solution of water and color fixing agent from five to ten minutes.
  • Run the washer for few cycles.
  • Washer should not be run too much because it causes color to bleed that will cause a stain.
  • Just give a time to the garment for absorbing chemicals inside the washer. After all this when the garment dries magically quality of color will be improved.

Pigment Wash:

The process of pigment washing is same as normal wash but it is little bit expensive . Garments made from pigment printed fabric are subjected to pigment washing. Pigment wash produces fading effect on garments. This wash needs higher temperature than normal wash.

Key points for pigment wash are given below

  • 50% to 60% centigrade hot water should be used.
  • Load the washer not more than 65% of its capacity for good results. The reason of loading just 65% percent capacity is to give room to the garments movement inside. If you will load washer to its full capacity then due to friction inside will affects the results.

 Bleach Wash:

Bleach wash and pigment wash are mostly alike to each other. Both of washes produces partially colored faded effect. Bleach wash is mostly done when apparel needs to dye with direct or reactive dye.

Stone Wash:

Stone wash is done on heavy fabrics like denim jeans. Stone wash is very popular in denim jeans producing apparel industries. Different asymmetrical color fading effects can be achieved from stone wash. Stone wash is used to fad the color of navy blue jeans into light blue. Such wash demands a lot of expertise to achieve results. Result affecting key points for stone wash is given below. This type of wash in apparel industry is used commonly.

  • Stone Size:

    Size of stone is very important in this wash. Large size stone gives more scratches to garment as compared to small size of stones. The selection of stone depends on types of fabric and abrasion required. Result affecting key points for stone wash is given below.

In case of soft fabric small size of stones are preferred because large stones give more abrasion that’s cause damage.

  • Stone & Garment Ratio: It is a ratio of weight of the garment with respect to weight of the stones. More stones means more contrast results and less stones will cause less contrast results.

Acid Wash:

Acid wash is only preferred to denim and heavy fabrics in garments. It is one of the difficult wash among all types of washes in apparel industry. Pumic stone is used to produce asymmetrical pattern of fading effects. Denim jackets are commonly washed by this type. It is done in two steps. The first step is washing the garment without water and the second step is with water.

Important tips for acid wash are given below.

  • Make a solution of potassium permanganate with stones. After absorbing chemicals stone becomes saturated. Then dry the stones in sunshine.
  • Wash the garments in washer and get them dry in dryers.
  • Put the garments in another washer along with those stones that was treated with potassium permanganate in a solution. Do not add water in it.
  • Run the washer so that stone can graze the garment.
  • Now, take the garments out and put them in another washer for washing and rinsing with water. After completing this procedure the effect of acid wash will be prominent on garment. Sometimes whitening agents are also used during rinsing of the garment to make the white color in the blue jeans ,whiter to display the acid wash.

Enzyme Wash:

It is one of the common wash used in denim garments. cellulosic enzyme is used for this wash.With the help of this wash pilling of cotton fibers and fiber pigments are removed. Use of stone along with enzyme wash produces asymmetrical color fading effect and also helps to remove projection cotton fibers. This wash is also very useful for denim indigo.One of the wash is enzyme-stone wash in types of washes in apparel industry.

Super White Wash:

This type of wash is used to be done on cotton grey fabrics. You can use the whitening powder during the rinsing process to give a bright look to the garment.To produce a pearl white effect on garments super white wash is preferred which is done in three steps.

 Caustic Wash:

The process of caustic wash is bit different from normal wash because of the pre-treatment and printing of the fabric. Mostly printing of the fabric is done after pretreatment which is resizing, scrubbing and lightening. But when to do a caustic wash printing on the fabric is done without any pre-treatment. 25 percent of pigments are washed out during caustic wash.

Types of washes in apparel industry

Types of washes in apparel industry




Types of washes in apparel industry

Types of washes in apparel industry


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